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Doctrinal Enemy Symbology Details
Doctrinal Enemy Symbology     Download!

In 1995 a True Genius (LTC Mark Farrar) devised a way to depict enemy units using diamond-shaped symbols instead of a double box. Red is still used when possible. But for the other 50% of the time when the entire graphic is in a single color, these symbols really stand out from friendly graphics without the need of a double-box. And they are not the pseudo-Soviet symbols relished by some at the NTC and unknown to everyone else. Plus, they are the current US Army doctrinal symbology. These are VERY nicely done, and in PPT 4 format. Created by CPT Rob Cordray.

  • Donor: Cordray, Rob CPT  
  • Key Words: PPT
  • File Category: IHA20G
  • Date Added: 1998-11-20