iSilo Reader and Publisher (Palm)     Download!

This is a SUPERB reader and Publisher for the Palm! iSilo Web is the publisher that quickly converts text or HTML to Palm format... just point it at a web page or site, and you have a Palm document! The iSilo Shareware Reader ($12 after 30 days) will read those pages, to include the graphics and hyperlinks! iSilo Free will also read them, but without the links or graphics. Unlike most Palm Readers that handle links and graphics, the iSilo Web publisher is FREE! Both readers will also read the standard DOC formatted Palm files. This package includes iSilo Free, iSilo Shareware, and iSilo Web. Just for fun, I converted my Quotations Page (to include the 14 linked reading files) and the article on ’IVL Categorization’ using iSilo Web!! And for those long nights on duty, I also included three regular DOC files as well: the US Constitution, the UCMJ, and the US Flag Regulations. This is a GREAT piece of software!

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  • Date Added: 2001-06-22