ALERTS Report v1.5 for the Palm OS     Download!

New version 1.5 can beam the database and is fully compatable with Palm OS 5.0. This is the SALUTE Report for Civilians! The best way to prevent a terrorist attack is by having thousands of citizens wield their cell phones as Information Age weapons and REPORT suspicious activity to the proper authorities. But WHO do you call, and HOW do you report? This is the ALERTS reporting format, developed by combining the expertise of Police Dispatchers with proven principles of US Army Tactical Intelligence. ALERTS stands for Activity, Location, Ems, Response Time, and Suspects - an efficient and complete way to describe what is happening. As you might have guessed, it is a modification of the SALUTE format! In addition to describing the report format, it has a user-customizable database of phone numbers, sample reports, instructions on describing people and vehicles, and much more. This application is part of the REPORT IT! initiative... the application of tactical intelligence to local counter-terrorism and counter-crime. This program is fully functional and FREE for personal use until The President declares victory.

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