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Doctrinal enemy symbology: Extra Cheesy Details
Doctrinal enemy symbology: Extra Cheesy     Download!

In 1995 a True Genius (LTC Mark Farrar) devised a way to depict enemy units using diamond-shaped symbols instead of a double box. Red is still used when possible. But for the other 50% of the time when the entire graphic is in a single color, these symbols really stand out from friendly graphics without the need of a double-box. And they are not the pseudo-Soviet symbols relished by some at the NTC and unknown to everyone else. Plus, they are the current US Army doctrinal symbology. Files are zipped, and can be easily imported into MS Word or PowerPoint. Extra Cheesy (shown on right) is in .gif format, and includes all the generic symbols in a single size, plus Squad to Corps echelon designators. Copyright The S2 Company, 1998, All Rights Reserved. Unlimited personal use and free distribution allowed.

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