JRTC Threat Briefing     Download!

This is a 72-slide Power Point presentation on the JRTC Threat based on information obtained from a former JRTC OC. This is an excellent presentation covering an overview of the Island of Aragon, the Road to War, the Low Intensity Conflict phase, Enemy Attack and Defense. There are numerous doctrinal templates illustrating enemy actions as well as rotational timelines. Our thanks to 1LT Karste, CPT Scanlon, SFC Albert, and SPC Dalle of the 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, Ft Wainwright, AK for creating this outstanding product!

  • Donor: Karste, 1LT  
  • Key Words: IEW IPB
  • File Category: ICD49U
  • Date Added: 1998-04-01