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The INTELST provides an information-sharing forum to discuss current and future intelligence doctrine, and to share and request ideas, and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) between intelligence professionals at all levels. Additionally, the INTELST has a web with word searchable archives organized by discussion subjects (You must be an INTELST member in order to access).

Discussions on the INTELST cover a wide range of topics, to include recently: Assessing and analyzing radical movements within the US, Intelligence undergraduate and graduate programs, Soviet mine warfare in Afghanistan, North Korea, Educational/School assignments vs Operational assignments, Tribal Security System (Arbakai) in Southeast Afghanistan, Al Qaeda as a Global Insurgency, insurgent hacking of UAV feeds, General McCaffrey's latest trip report from Afghanistan, The "Chosin Reservoir" of the Information Age, Support to an Army-level paper on self-radicalization, countering IEDs on Afghan roads, the Battle of Wanat, Chavez's latest adventures in Central and South America, the dilemma of ISR synchronization and resource optimization, "One man's rumor is another man's reality," options and strategies for Afghanistan, company level intelligence support teams, CENTCOM's new regional intelligence center, multinational intelligence sharing, infrastructure analysis and assessments, the use of emotion or intuition in intelligence analysis, professionalism and intelligence analysis, intelligence challenges with US domestic civil unrest and eco-terrorism, OSINT tools, Human Terrain Teams and the Human Terrain System in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and the use and control of HUMINT Collection Teams (HCTs) in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The INTELST has over 5,000 members all over the world. The INTELST membership is composed of intelligence professionals from across the length and breadth of the U.S., allied, and coalition military and civilian Intelligence Community.

You can read more about the INTELST in the January-March 2008 issue of Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin (MIPB) magazine on IKN or on the FAS site.

The INTELST (List server acronym for "Intel List") is an email address to which you send a message that is automatically distributed, after moderator approval and release, to everyone on the list. After you are signed up, you will receive a welcome message with instructions on how to use the INTELST, the list’s website, and the Rules of Engagement. The INTELST uses the NIPRNET, so all content of the messages must remain unclassified. The INTELST is a closed list, and only those who are subscribed are authorized to post or receive notes sent to the list.

The INTELST can come to you in one of three versions: individual emails, a once-a-day digest with all the messages included, or a once-a-day index hyperlinked to the archives on the website. There can be anywhere from 3-5 emails up to as many as 30-50 emails per day, so some members get the digest or index versions, or do not receive mail and check the archived messages on the website.

Members of the INTELST also help contribute to the growth and enrichment of the INTELST's knowledge database on the Army Knowledge Online site called the Intel Reference Files folder. There you can find a wide variety of files all organized by topic and relevance such as AARs, SOPs, handbooks/ smartbooks, briefings, OPDs/NCOPDs, TTPs, current and historical readings.

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