Your newborn must attend the new comers' orientation briefing within the first 30 days of life.

Your wife's two favorite shades of lipstick are light green and loam.

You go to a barbecue and insist that your family feed tactically.

Your children clear housing before they go to college.

You require your mechanic to replace the sandbags in your floorboard as part of a tune-up.

Your station wagon is equipped with blackout lights.

Your kids call their mother "Household 6".

Your kids volunteer to pull air guard on the school bus.

Your house has sector sketches posted by every window.

You give the command "Fix Bayonets" at Thanksgiving Dinner.

Your kids show their meal cards at the kitchen door, except the oldest, who is on separate rations.

You make you daughter sign out on pass on Prom Night.

Your kindergartner calls recess a "smoke break".

Your wife "takes a knee" in the checkout line at the Food Lion.

You do your "back to school" shopping at the U.S. Cavalry store.

Your kids call the tooth fairy "Slicky Boy".

Your son fails the third grade but tells everyone he was a "phase three recycle".

Your kids salute their grandparents.

Your wife's "high-n-tight" is more squared away than your Commander's.

Your kids get an LES for their allowance.

Your grandmother won "All American Week" and "Best Ranger".

All your kids have names that start with AR, FM, TM, or DA Form.

Your pick-up has your name stenciled on the windshield.

Your kids are hand-receipt holders.

Your older kids call the youngest one "Cherry".

Your kids recite their ABCs phonetically.

Your wife keeps Mermites in the China cabinet.

Your wife left you and you held a "Change of Command" ceremony.

You call your in-laws the "Slice Elements".

Your dog's name is "Ranger".

All your possessions are military issue.

Your kids call their sandbox "NTC".

You have pull-up bars outside the kitchen door.

Your daughter's first haircut was a flattop

Your kids pull fireguard.

Your newborn's first words were "all OK Jumpmaster".

You decorate your Christmas Tree with Chem Lights and Engineer Tape.

And you are Definitely  Too Hooah if you understood all of these expressions!!

Contributed by Karen Garra