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Why the fuss about PDAs? 

Fair question!  After all there are dozens of techno goodies out there for you to spend your money on.  And although Palm gizmos are cheaper than before, that is relative.  A Palm device will still set you back $100 to $600 depending on the model.  So here is why I am a Palm fan... and why I think you should be as well!

First, you are an Intelligence Professional.  You may be deadly with your M16A2 and a master of unarmed combat, but your mission is to produce intelligence to focus the lethality of of the Infantry and all those Infantry-support combat arms (Armor, Aviation, Field Artillery, etc). 

Second, computers are revolutionizing the Intelligence profession the way the brass cartridge revolutionized the Infantry.  So you must master computers; specifically, those computer applications that amplify the part of your brain that produces intelligence. 

Third, the Army has developed some great automation analytical tools for your use.  But they are crew-served automation weapons built to  industrial-age specifications by contractors who have little or no experience in intelligence production.  You can't write applications for them, you can't easily carry them around, and they are not your personal intelligence weapon the way that your M16 is your personal weapon.

A Palm Device is one that runs the Palm Operating System (OS).  They are small, affordable, powerful, have a long battery life (if you stick to non-color screens), easily sync with a PC, and have a huge base of user-developed applications.  They are ideal information platforms.  They can be your personal information weapon. 

In an Army full of siege catapults, you can finally have a Longbow!



Picking a Palm Device

Palm OS vs Pocket PC
 ZDNet Buyers Guide | ZDNet Power Search | CNet Top 5 | Consumer Reports
 Visor Deluxe | Palm IIIXe | Palm m100


My preference? 

 The Visor Deluxe in MI Blue!  Visors have 8MB of memory to hold lots of software, a plastic screen cover, and an expansion slot that accepts Springboard Modules... and there are GPS modules, digital camera modules, cell phone modules, MP3 players, memory expansion modules, etc.  As of 20 September 2001 you can buy one from www.tigerdirect.com for $119!


Palm Software Sites

General Collections
CNET | ZDNet | Handspring | Palm Inc | Memoware (Documents!) | Palm Gear | Handango | Palm BLVD | Visor Village

Specific Applications

DDH HandDBase Relational Database, and database applications
FedForms Map symbols, command and control, travel vouchers, etc
Fire Pad Graphic image viewer and publisher
Handmark Mobile Checklist, Mobile Database, games, etc
iSilo Great reader and Web-to-Palm converter!
Peanut Press Reader and library
ThinkingBytes ThinkDB Relational Database
TomeRaider Reader and library
Warrior Solutions Platoon management software


S2 Company Palm Stuff

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