Military Intelligence Corps Association
Online Mentorship Program

A mentor is a senior soldier (officer, warrant officer, or noncommissioned officer) who can help you get through those rough times in your career... somebody who has been there and can provide some excellent advice.

However, finding and staying in touch with a mentor is a serious challenge when you PCS every couple years! To help solve this problem, the Military Intelligence Corps Association (MICA) has established an online mentorship program. Simply go to the site, review the biographies of the Old Soldiers who have volunteered to be mentors, and establish contact via e-mail. As you move from assignment to assignment your mentor will always be right there -one e-mail message away- to provide advice and counsel. The only restriction is that you must be a MICA member to enroll.

This is such a great idea that I've volunteered to be one of the mentors!

What are you waiting for?

Neil A. Garra
Owner & Despot for Life
The S2 Company