Motorized Rifle Regiment
Advanced Guard Formation

In light of the nature of recent conflicts, I was tempted to remove this. However, it is important to remember that 'Asymetric Warfare' is simply using tactics the enemy is unprepared for. After ten or more years of intense warfare against a variety of insurgents, encountering an armored foe using this tactic will certainly be a challenge. And yes, such foes still exist, and they are preparing to use such tactics.
Neil Garra ---- 21 Oct 2009

This formation trades decreased force ratio at the point of contact for increased security. Used by the Soviet-style Motorized Rifle Regiment (MRR) when the Blue situation is unknown (failure of enemy recon to penetrate the security of a blue defense) or variable (Blue moving). When Blue defends, a good BDA of enemy recon helps predict whether the enemy will be forced to adopt this formation.

3 X T80

Division Recon
(About Half)

Task: Conduct aggressive recon in the MRD sector of blue forces and terrain.

Purpose: Provide the necessary intel to locate and destroy blue forces in sector.

24-36 Hours

1 X BRDM Eng

Regimental Recon

Task: Confirm or deny Div Recon.

Purpose: Provide the necessary intel to deploy the RGT to ensure destruction of blue forces in sector.

4-12 Hours


with tanks!

Combat Reconnaissance Patrol(s)

Task: Provide intel to the FSE. When necessary attack forces blocking its route and disrupt blue momentum.

Purpose: Allow the FSE time to maneuver to fix blue forces.

3-5 km or 10-20 min

3 X T80
10 X BMP
8 X 120mm Mort
6 X 2S1
2 X BRDM Eng
~10 M113 BMPs

Forward Security Element

Task: Fix the lead blue company. If blue defends, fix the blue flank platoon and breach.

Purpose: Allow AGMB time to maneuver and destroy or bypass blue forces.

Remember that in a REAL situation this formation will have a logistical tail that will make it appear to be the main body. The ~10 M113 BMPs are an NTC-ism, and carry the dismounts that would actually ride within the 10 BMPs if those BMPs were not vismod sheridan tanks.

5-10 km or 15-30 min

7 X T80
21 X BMP
12 X 2S1
2 X MT12 or 2A45M

Advance Guard Main Body

Task: Complete destruction of lead blue CO/TM and fix or destroy the lead blue TF. If blue defends, exploit penetration of FSE to complete penetration or destruction of the blue CO/TM.

Purpose: Ensure uninterrupted advance of the MRR main body, overcoming blue security/recon forces and obstacles.

10-20 km or 30-60 min

10-20 km
30-60 min

20 X T80
68 X BMP
16 X 120mm Mort
18 X 2S1
18 X 2S3 (Div)

Regimental Main Body

Task: Deploy rapidly for the attack and defeat the blue Bde (offense) or BN/TF (defense). Continue attack into depths of blue rear.

Purpose: Assist the MRD in achieving its Objective.


Comments on Employment

This is an extremely flexible formation! Once the Recon locates Blue forces in zone, the CRPs decide whether to engage or bypass. The FSE follows close behind... and can exploit CRP success, envelop and destroy a company the CRP has fixed, or select another avenue of approach altogether and aim for either a clear route to the rear or try to pin the nearest Blue Battalion. The AGMB preserves the same options! It might finish off the company the FSE mauled, but more likely it will bypass and try to flank and destroy the Blue Battalion the FSE is currently engaging. Both these organizations are more than happy to sacrifice themselves in order to enable the follow-on battalions a clear shot to the rear!

The CRPs, FSE and AGMB generally attack along the same general axis... but there is no Law of Physics that mandates this. More important, there is absolutely no guarantee that the Regimental Main Body will follow. Count on the Enemy Commander having a decision point that will have the Main Body follow IF the AGMB demonstrates success; and otherwise will steer the Main Body elsewhere. Watch where the AT's set their firing line - it will usually try to protect the flank of the Main Body.

During the wargame or rehearsals, Blue commanders will take for granted that they will quickly destroy CRPs and the FSE, and focus their fight on the AGMB and follow-on battalions. Beware! CRPs have destroyed Blue tank companies... FSEs have destroyed Blue Battalions or fixed them by causing commitment of battalion reserves in order to prevent destruction!

Also remember the timing between echelons. Every engagement costs time! By the time you are putting the final thumping to the FSE, the AGMB is not only on top of you, but has had time to maneuver to your flank, find nice positions, set the artillery, and possibly have a quick bite to eat.

Just because we portray the Enemy with Red, don't Ever get the idea he will behave like the British Redcoats at the Battle of New Orleans and just march into our musketfire!!

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