I am Military Intelligence

I am Military Intelligence and my roots stretch back to the beginning of time. Wherever and whenever mankind has had to defend himself against his neighbor, I was there. Survival and victory depend on Me, for I mean Knowledge and Security.

I was with Moses as he sent Caleb into the Promised Land ahead of his people, meeting the enemy where the danger is greatest, then as now, ALWAYS OUT FRONT.

I’ve been there since the beginning, in cold wars as well as hot. In Boston, My light shined from the steeple of the Old North Church: " One if by land, two if by sea," I said, and then rode hard through the cool April night to Lexington and Concord with the message that set fire to men’s souls, stirring them to fight for their freedom, and for a nation that was only a dream. I alone made soldiers of farmers that night.

Another war and I pushed West, scouting ahead of long columns, ensuring their safety, then as now, probing the frontier, ALWAYS OUT FRONT.

From Bull Run to the Argonne, I was there and the battles were won. I went by many names, now most forgotten, but I was ALWAYS OUT FRONT.

At Pearl Harbor, unheeded, I wept at the waste, but out of the flames I rose stronger than ever. When the Third Reich talked, I listened. When the Rising Sun moved, I watched. Nothing escaped me. When my countrymen swarmed the beaches, I was there, waiting. At St. Lo, my finger pointed the way, and then it was I who led the march to the Elbe. I am Military Intelligence -- throughout the struggle, then as now, I was ALWAYS OUT FRONT.

Pusan, Inchon, Mekong, Quang Tri are familiar names to Me. ALWAYS OUT FRONT, I bled first in Vietnam. Throughout the world, in war and in peace, I remain alert to dangers . . . ever watchful . . . always listening.

A wall fell. While some celebrated peace, I stayed on guard. Other names and other places but, as always, I was ALWAYS OUT FRONT. Leading a victorious march across a foreign desert, deposing tyranny in a neighboring isle, forcing a peaceful end to ancient strife, I was there, and I was ALWAYS OUT FRONT.

I feel the rumbles that threaten the peace while others only sleep. To beat the Enemy, one must know the Enemy, and I am that Knowledge. Wherever my countrymen must fight and wherever they may fight, there I am, showing them where and how and when. I am Military Intelligence, and I am ALWAYS OUT FRONT . . . ALWAYS.

Author unknown. Contributed by CPT Tim Chafos.