You are an Old Soldier if...

 You know what GDP means and still remember where yours was and how long it took to occupy.

You remember when we had tactical nukes and really planned to use them.

You remember spending hours in MOPP4 and doing M256 kits.

You remember when the M8 Claymore and M72 LAW were part of CTT.

You remember when ARTEPs were 36 hours and you had fun.

You remember when Carl Vouno was CG (8th ID(M);-)) and Max Thurman was head of recruiting command.

You know what a Gamma Goat and Goer were and could fix an M151A2 to run off one prop shaft.

You remember when the Israelis were bad asses and we all wanted to be like them.

You remember when Saddam Hussein was our loyal ally.

You remember when Airland Battle was a new concept, and everyone religiously read 100-5.

You know what the 'Cap Wineberger' Doctrine was.

You remember when the M16 was a plastic carbine, and you hoped for an M14.

You can remember going to the Club at Graf, drinking, and watching Margaret.

You personally know Margaret.

You know the difference between the VRC46, VRC47, PRC77 and VRC160 and the requisite installation kits.

You know what a CEOI is and you can encrypt grids.

You remember when NTC was a new and cool concept.

You remember when it was real cool to go to SAMs or be an OC at NTC.

You remember when as a new LT/CPT you could go out and train your soldiers and not have an OC tell you how screwed up you were.

You remember BN Cdrs and 1SG's who were Vietnam Vets.

You remember Bn Cdrs who drank, swore and mentored.

You remember Bn Cdrs who were ruthless about tactics, but didn't give a crap about admin BS.

You remember when 2LTs and CPLs demanded respect from PFCs and got it.

You can navigate at night without a GPS.

You can remember OPDs about Clausewitz (aka dead Karl) which usually ended with beer drinking at the O' club.

 You can remember when lanes training was a neat concept.

You can remember when 25-101 was a new concept.

You can remember when the defense budget was 7% of the GNP.

You can remember when the main battle area was the only fight.

You can remember when every ones career track was 10 years in Germany with 1st Armored Division at Ansbach.

You remember when the Soviet Union was a major super power instead (albeit the Russian Republic) of being a basket case for the IMF.

You could remember studying German concepts like mission tactics, and commander's intent and it was cool.

You could remember reading military history and it was in vogue, and going on staff rides because the Chief of Staff of the Army did it.

You could become a S3, XO, BN Cdr, or Bde Cdr without being Resident C&GSC graduate.

You could remember BN and BDE cdr's who were proud of being "non-resident" C&GSC guys.

You could receive a couple of "2-blocks" and it would not force you to look for employment on the outside.

You did not worry about OERs as a lieutenant.

You remember when privates bragged about the challenge they got in basic training, and how tough their drill sergeants were.

You remember when Sensitivity training was something your wife did.

You remember when Values Cards meant credit cards.

You remember when officers did not need values cards because they practiced values everyday.

You remember when going to the Pentagon was not cool and did not help your career.

You remember when power point was what a private did on butcher paper taped up on a board with "hundred-mile-an-hour" tape.

You remember when you could say hooah, because the Chief of Staff of the Army said it.

You remember when women in combat was just a bad idea that would soon fade away.

You remember when being hardcore and a warrior was cherished.

You remember that going to ranger school was cool and not for career progression.

You remember that more than one company commander was what studs did.

You could remember that going to Korea was like going to the field for twelve straight months, and only the hard-core guys extended.

You could remember when you could maneuver anywhere you wanted in Korea and it was not a big deal.

You could remember when "maneuver damage" was paid lip-service.

You could remember when you could "Major" in ROTC.


Contributed by MSG Kevin Gainey

When I joined the Army in 1980 they had lists like this that talked about things like K-Rations, M-14 Rifles, Pinks and Greens, and Viet Nam.  If I find one, I'll certainly post it!  In the meantime, I can't wait to see the 2010 version of this:  "You remember when ASAS filled a room and couldn't be user-programmed... " etc.