Neil A. Garra

Owner & Despot For Life of The S2 Company

Brief Biographical Sketch



1974 Marlington High School, Alliance, Ohio. 

1978 Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio;  Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Physics

1980 University of Akron, Akron, Ohio,  2d Lieutenant Degree in Infantry

1980 Airborne School, Infantry Officer Basic Course, Ranger School (Class Picture 278kB.  I'm the scrawny, half-starved, zoned out guy)

1982 Mortar Platoon Course

1984 Infantry Officer Advanced Course

1987 Long Range Surveillance Leaders Course

1988 Combined Arms & Services Staff School 

1989 Basic Instructor Training Course

1990 Systems Approach to Training

1993 Command & General Staff College

1997 Small Business Development Center Entrepreneurship Fast Track Course, Kansas State University

2000 Graduated from the US Army on 31 October with a Lieutenant Colonel degree in Military Intelligence (for those unfamiliar with the Army, this is as prestigious as a Chief Warrant Officer Degree, and almost as coveted as a Master Sergeant Degree).

 2001 Citizen Police Academy, Sierra Vista, Arizona.

 2008 Sheriff Assist Team training, Cochise County, Arizona.

 2014 Civil Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, Sierra Vista, Arizona.

 2014 Search and Rescue Academy, Cochise County, Arizona.

 2014 National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System courses 100, 200, 300, and 700.




1980 -1982 Ft Benning, Georgia.  Company XO, 2d Infantry Training Brigade

1982 -1983 1-38 Infantry, Camp Hovey, Korea.  Asst S3 and then 4.2" mortar platoon leader,

1984-1989 5th ID(M), Ft Polk, La.  Assistant Bde S3; Assistant BN S3; HHC/1-61 Infantry Commander; LRSD/105th MI Commander

1989 - 1993  Intel School, Ft Huachuca.  Instructor; Chief of Combined Arms Branch; Chief of Tactics Division.

1991 - Elected to branch transfer from Infantry to Military Intelligence.

1993 - 1997  1st ID(M), Ft Riley, KS.  Deputy G2; 101st MI BN XO; S2 of 1st Bde; Commander, HHC USAG.

1997 - 1999  Battle Command Battle Laboratory (Huachuca) Vice Deputy Director, Science & Technology Advisor, Geek-to-Grunt Interface

1999 - 2000  Chief of Skunkworks and Wreaker of Havoc, Distance Learning Office, US Army Intelligence Center and School

2000 - Present   Commander of The S2 Company.



Expert Infantryman Badge, TRADOC Master Instructor Badge,  Knowlton Award, Van Deman Award, Legion of Merit, some others.


Some Creations

1982 - Mortar Ballistic Computer (HP-41), 1984 - Brigade/Division Turbo Status Report, 1985 - Mortar Training system, 1986 - Company supply database, 1986 - Company training schedule generator, 1989 - Long Range Surveillance Unit Collection Management TTP, 1992 - Co-Author FM 34-8, “Combat Commander’s Handbook on Intelligence”, 1992 - Advanced Instructor Training Program, 1992 - Tactical Intelligence Training bulletin board, 1993 - 1st ID(M) G2 Personnel Tracker (Access), 1993 - Modular DST, 1994 - OR Rate Calculator (Access), 1997 - IV line categorization system, 1998 - Project Decision Making Process, 1999 - Kazar Fury Game System, 1999 - Murphy Chess, 1999 - Online Collection Management Game, 2000 - Collection Management database, 2000 - MICA Membership e-commerce site (PHP,MySQL), 2000 - Intelligence file categorization system and online file cache (PHP,MySQL), 2001 - Soft-product e-commerce system (PHP,MySQL), 2001 - Weapons Database (Palm OS), 2001 - Weapons Database Editor (Access), 2001 - S2 Checklists (Palm OS), 2001 - S2 Trainer (Palm OS), 2001 - Time Distance Calculator (Palm OS), 2001 - Battle Damage Assessment Calculator (Palm OS), 2001 - Battle Focused Training Database (Palm OS), 2001 - War game Tool (Palm OS), 2001 - Huachuca.org ALERTS counter-terrorism site, 2002 - S2 Sketch (Palm OS), 2002 - Spring Butt Bingo (Palm OS), 2002 - DoD Architecture Framework automation tool (Popkin SA 2001, VB 6, Access), 2002 - Military Intelligence Corps Association Membership Database, 2003 - Order O’Battle (Palm OS), 2003 - War Gamer 2.0 (Palm OS), 2003 - SIDA Architecture for Intelligence & Information Warfare Training, 2003 - Authored the book “Wargaming, A Systematic Approach”, 2004 - “IWASDARE” and “Simplificus” Information Warfare training games, 2004 - Authored the book “Soldier Chess”, 2005 - Created and prototyped "Evil Associations", "Queries of Doom", and "Combative Hypotheses" Intelligence Analysis online wargames (PHP,MySQL), 2006 - Created and prototyped "Analyst Rampage" Intelligence Analysis Massively Multi-player Online wargame (PHP,MySQL), 2006- Created and prototyped Online Task Database application (PHP,MySQL), 2007-2010 - Asymmetric Threat Response Analysis Program (ATRAP) design and testing, 2008-2010 - Created and deployed the Coordinate Navigator and Mission Planner online tools for the White Tower kinship of Lord of the Rings Online(tm) MMORPG, 2010-2013 - Wrote and published Invasion!, Part One of The Forgotten Adventures of Dolley Madison, 2013 - Native American Flute Survival Kit and Deployed Soldier Locator, 2014 - Created and prototyped "HamPod" and "QuickMast", tools for rapid deployment of Amateur Radio to support civil emergencies.


A Few


General Class Amateur Radio operator - KG7IHO - and member of the American Radio Relay League.

Member of Cochise County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) and Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES).

Member of Cochise Amateur Radio Association, K7RDG, and currently host their Mule Mountain Net on the first Thursday of each month at 1900 hours: 146.76 MHz, PL 162.2 KHz with a downshifted transmission offset of 600 KHz.

Founding member of the Upper San Pedro Writers, not a critique group, but a monthly gathering of dedicated writers who share resources and discuss the insanity of writing. We meet the first Saturday of each month from 1000 - 1200 hours at the Sierra Vista Library.

Frequent guest speaker and lecturer at the US Army Intelligence Center and School, Ft Huachuca, Arizona.

Presenter and member of the "Analytic Wargaming Panel" at the International Conference on Intelligence Analysis. May 2005. Presentation name: " 'Game' to 'Intelligence Analysis Wargame': General Case to Special Case "

Keynote speaker at the National Security Agency's Third Annual Analysis Conference in May, 2005. Presentation name: "Designing Wargames for Intelligence Analysis".

Speaker at the ODNI's Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence summer seminar, July 2007. Presentation name: "Design and Use of Wargames for Learning Intelligence Analysis"

Speaker at the Defense Intelligence Agency's Educational Simulations & Serious Games Symposium, August, 2007. Presentation name: "The Analytic Wargaming Environment"

Former Treasurer and Webminister of the Military Intelligence Corps Association.

Former member of the Sierra Vista Information Technology Task Force.



Bible study, shooting, playing the Native American flute, fencing, and one Wife. Still exploring a fascinating game genre called 'Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games' (MMORPG), specifically Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 and Lord of the Rings Online.


Modus Operandi

Primary problem solving technique is innovation and creativity.  Loves to design new solutions to both old and new problems.  Views the personal computer and the Internet as creativity projection platforms par excellence.   Superb instructor.  Tactical Intelligence expert.  Experienced Web designer and programmer.  Designer of Intelligence Analysis Wargames. Visionary.  Lives outside the box, occasionally peering inside to see what the others are up to.