S2 Company Legal Notice


1.  We deeply regret that today's litigious* society requires this page.

a.  Blame the greedy who would seek to gain wealth by preying on the productive.

b.  Blame the legal professional for aiding and abetting them.

* Means that some people find it easier to sue others than to accept responsibility for their own idiotic actions.

2.  Disclaimer.

The S2 Company created this web site and stocked it with the best available information and tools in order to help you become the best Tactical Intelligence soldier you can be.  Like all man-made items the site and its files cannot be perfect, just the best that we and other humans can make them.  All the files on this site are provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind unless otherwise stated.  In no event will The S2 Company or its contributors or its distributors be liable for any direct or indirect damages or other relief arising out of your use,  misuse, or inability to use anything obtained from this site including by way of illustration but not limited to, poor efficiency reports, lost battles, misleading Intelligence Estimates, unanticipated enemy courses of action, lost profits or business, your being overrun and made a prisoner of war, any special, incidental or consequential or exemplary damages, including legal fees and hostile & brutal interrogation, arising out of such use or misuse or inability to use these products even if The S2 Company or its contributors or its distributors has been advised of the possibility of such potential for damages, or for any claim by any other party.  You are expected to use all items obtained from The S2 Company in conjunction with your God-given intellect,  judgment acquired from your formal U.S. Army training, your acquired experiences, and the advice of your fellow NCOs and officers.   Failure to do so will invalidate any expressed, implied, actual or imagined warranty, possibly result in the loss of life or limb (with any luck just yours, but likely others who trusted your judgment will also suffer), and will create the very real potential that your sad story will become an Army Lesson Learned to be studied by U.S. Army Soldiers for decades to come.

3.  Copyright.

This site has several categories of copyright.

a.  Unmarked files.  These files were contributed to The S2 Company for general dissemination.  They may have been created using U.S. Department of Defense time and resources (and are therefore in the public domain) OR they were created by an individual on their own time/own resources and just not specifically marked as being the intellectual property of that person.  Freely use and distribute these files, but don't claim that they are YOURS or you face potential action by the contributor.  Note that "action" may just be a note to your instructor or professor or editor refuting your claim of authorship.  Just because you cannot be sued for damages doesn't mean it's not stealing or plagiarizing!

b.  Web Pages and S2 Company products.

Free products are marked:

Copyright The S2 Company, 199X, All Rights Reserved. Unlimited personal use and free distribution allowed.

Reading them means they are ON your computer, and feel free to keep them there, pass them to friends, or print them out in full color and mount them in triple-matted gold-leaf frames.  Just leave the contents and copyright notice intact or it's a violation of The Law.  If you choose to select limited-length quotations from the pages, acknowledge the source.  If you want to make more extensive use of the contents or include them on another media, ask us for permission via E-Mail.  And we'll likely give permission unless its for a disreputable publication like "Political Assassination for Anti-American Revolutionaries".

Products for Sale will have a more restrictive notice:

Copyright The S2 Company, 199X, All Rights Reserved.

Note the absence of "Unlimited Free Distribution"!    The product must be registered to either one person OR one computer.  

ONE PERSON registration means that One Person may put it on any number of computers, as long as it is never used by more than - you guessed it - That One Person.  This is ideal when you own several PCs and wish to have the product available on them all.  We realize that at home you might have several PCs and that some might be used by your 8-year old son or civilian spouse or resident 65-year old mother.    Unless they USE the program, it's OK.

ONE COMPUTER registration means that the program is licensed to the MACHINE, and any number of people can use it on the machine.  This is ideal for an S2 Section, and similar to how most software applications are licensed.  Note that if this One Computer is on a network, sharing the product over the network is a violation of this principle.


c.  S2 Company Logo
.   The logo looks like this:

(tm) The S2 Company, All Rights Reserved

but may be found in stylized versions like this

  (tm) The S2 Company, All Rights Reserved

or even this

(tm) The S2 Company, All Rights Reserved

This is the Trademark of The S2 Company, registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.  We must be very protective of it!   If you use it in any way apart from where we've stuck it, you are likely in violation of U.S. Trademark law.    Want to use it for something but are not sure that it's OK?  ASK US!!